Funny Questions and Answers: Free Online Quizzes.

Funny Questions and Answers: Free Online Quizzes.
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why we are offering you free quizzes? Whoever asks questions usually wants to get to the bottom of something. On the other hand, joke questions are “funny” puzzles, but they really cannot be solved. Instead, the answer should amuse, amaze, poke at, or kid with the respondent.

It does matter whether at a party or a meeting with good friends. If the mood was left out by drinking alcoholic beverages and you feel relaxed, then the time has come for a few funny questions. Some of them are complicated but also not to be taken very seriously. In any case, the answers give sufficient reason for a slight smile or gaudy laughter. 

So I have over 100 plus free quizzes and fun trivia questions with pub quizzes, random trivia questions, European countries quiz, brain quiz, joe pub quiz, and many more. Furthermore, you can use these quizzes to test your general knowledge trivia. These are totally free online quizzes. Enjoy it and share it with your friends.

Funny questions to ask friends

take questions

  1. Why does our Pope always kiss the ground when he gets off the plane? Those who have already travelled with Alitalia Airlines will understand.
  2. What gets shorter, the longer you pull on it? A cigarette!
  3. Why can’t an excavator swim?He has only one arm.
  4. Do you think the joke is funny?The excavator driver is not.
  5. What did the builder of the Leaning Tower of Pisa say before construction started?“It will work out!”
  6. What is the favorite game of sea monsters? sinking ships.
  7. What do you call a man who throws money out the window? A headlight!
  8. It has two wings and cannot fly; she seems to like walking more. What’s this?The nose!
  9. What is electricity power? Get up in the morning with high tension, go to work with resistance, swim against the current all day, come home loaded, grab the can, and then get a mop.
  10. Why don’t German ski runners wear gloves on their right hands during the run?So that they can congratulate the Austrians on their victory faster.
  11. What does the physicist call his children?Kelvin, Hektor, and Pascal.
  12. What do suicide and a politician have in common? Afterwards, they don’t know anything!
  13. What is 160 mm long, men usually wear it in their pockets and women like it?A 500 euro note!
  14. How much is 7 × 7?Double seven.
  15. What do the three Musketeers and a harem have in common?One for all and all for one.
  16. How should the farmer behave when his wife says: ‘See that you win land !!’
  17. What is a Lüneburger who has left the church?A heath of Lüneburg!
  18. What does a hunter do when he sees a snake?He is not hunting the snakes.

joe pub quiz

  1. Why are Turks the most beautiful people in the world? They always come in near and ask: “Do you have a problem?”
  2. It is in the desert, 20 meters long and white.what is it?A white thread! – 
  3. It is in the desert, also 20 m long and black. what is it?A black thread! – Wrong! This is the shadow of the white thread!
  4. What is the boomerang that doesn’t come back?The age.
  5. What is the difference between diapers and politicians?There is no! You have to change both regularly … for the same reason.
  6. Why don’t mothers-in-law go to heaven?Because dragons cannot fly higher than two hundred meters.
  7. “What was on December 6th, 1534?”“No idea!” – “St. Nicholas Day!”
  8. What is a cross between an earthworm and a hedgehog? Barbed Wire!
  9. What’s the difference between you and me – The first letter!
  10. What’s Finnish called sunset? Helsinki.
  11. What is green, small, and triangular?A little green triangle.
  12. What does a husky have in common with the Colombian cartel? – – They both love snow.
  13. What does a vegetarian say who calls his family to the table? – “Children, the food is wilting.”
  14. Do you already know the latest elevator joke? Me neither, I took the stairs.
  15. “Why do elephants have red eyes?”“No idea!” – “So that they can hide better in the cherry tree!” – “I’ve never seen an elephant on a cherry tree! “- Do you see it! They can hide so well.
  16. How do you tell an earthworm which end of the head is that?You see which side grins.
  17. Rhenish god with a letter?Jott!
  18. What’s the similarity between a corset and a tractor?Both hinder the way.
  19. Is a German around the corner what is missing?The joke.
  20. Is a Pole around the corner, what is missing? The corner.

Fun trivia questions

  1. What is the difference between an intelligent woman and a yeti?All have seen the Yeti before.
  2. Why is the math book so sad?Because it has many problems.
  3. What is the smallest farm in the world?A police car! The bulls sit in the front and the poor pigs in the back.
  4. What is between the sea and land? “And”
  5. It is green, it has four corners and when it falls from the tree are you dead. what is it?A pool table.
  6. What gets wet when drying?The towel
  7. What is red and bad for the teeth? A brick.
  8. What do the Bild newspaper and Britney Spears have in common?Both claim they are innocent and lie as if they were printed!
  9. What is a radical student?One who denies everything except his livelihood.
  10. Who is the patron saint of the forgetful?Things.
  11. Why do the players of TSV 1860 Munich always drive red when the lights are on?So that they get points at least in Flensburg.
  12. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a long one. Michael J. Fox has a short one. Madonna has none, and the Pope does not use his.  What’s this? The last name!
  13. How can a guy work eight days in a row without sleeping?No problem. He sleeps at night.
  14. What does the gardener put first in his vegetable garden?His foot
  15. A man can accurately predict the score before each soccer game. How does he do that?Very easy because the score before each match is always 0-0.
  16. How can you walk on water?You wait until it gets freezing in winter.
  17. If a plane crashes precisely on the border between France and Germany, where do you bury the bereaved?You don’t bury survivors!
  18. Who has feathers but no wings?your pillow.

random trivia questions

  1. When is it easiest for a woman to lose weight?When the cell phone rings.
  2. Who leads a stressful life?The eraser.
  3. What do cats love as much as swimmers?The crawl
  4. Which customers are not served?The second
  5. Which lion can swim well?The sea lion
  6. Which tree does not need roots?The shoetree.
  7. Which vegetables tell the best jokes?The chickpeas.
  8. Which brand of handkerchief will an official never use? pace.
  9. Who eats a lot of iron without feeling sick?The rust.
  10. What is the difference between a burglar and a doctor?The burglar knows what is missing.
  11. What is the Italian term for a pressure cooker?Garibaldi!
  12. Which animal has only one leg? Half a chicken.
  13. What do you call a box without a horse?semitrailer.
  14. Who is Kevin?A diagnosis.
  15. What is the purpose of the Bundeswehr?Slow the enemy down until there is a real army.
  16. What’s sunset in Finnish?Helsinki.
  17. What does cowshed mean in Arabic?Mubarak.
  18. What’s the violin case in Spanish?Fidel Castro.
  19. What’s cattle theft in English?Oxford.
  20. What is the name of the resident of a palace?Palace dancers!
  21. What is green and meowing? – A cat in a frog costume!
  22. What is the oldest solar watch?The sundial.
  23. What does kcat kcit do?A clock in reverse!
  24. What does a 1.90m butcher weigh? – Steaks & sausages.
  25. Why is it illegal to bury a man who lives in Cologne in Dortmund?they don’t bury the living!
  26. In which glasses should you not pour wine?In full glasses, of course!

hard trivia questions for you: Guess the answer

  1. Is it worthwhile for mayflies to start a diary in the morning?
  2. Why is monosyllabic three-syllable?
  3. Why is there no other word for synonym?
  4. Who had the idea to put an S in the word “listen”?
  5. Do you break the sea level when you set sail?
  6. Can parents who have had a crush on their daughter ever reconcile with her?
  7. If a ship has only female crew members, is it unmanned?
  8. Can you laugh in a wine cellar?
  9. Can I also write cubes or pyramids with a ballpoint pen?
  10. If you suffocation a smurf, what colour does it tarnish?
  11. Do bakers suffer from farewell pain when they have to let a yeast dough rise every morning?
  12. Can bald heads sometimes have a lucky streak?
  13. Is it worrying when a Goethe monument shimmers through the trees in the park?
  14. If the earth is spherical, why is the shoe welt straight?
  15. Can you laugh in a wine cellar?
  16. Is it allowed to use a bedspread at night?
  17. Can a chick be in a bad mood?
  18. Can bald heads have a winning streak?
  19. Is someone who bakes bread himself a loner?
  20. Can I send a circular in a square envelope
  21. Why is there an S in the word listen?

When you are having fun with your friends, you will be happy to hear this kind of question and your blood will be cleaned. So stay tuned with us and have fun with any more free quizzes. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you do not attempt our previous free quizzes visit here. Free quizzes no 01 and Free quizzes no 02

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