Funny general knowledge questions: Funny quizzes with answers

Funny general knowledge questions: Funny quizzes with answers
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Do you want to put together a number of fun quizzes? It may be not only easy questions, joke quizzes but also wiz, pub, tricky quizzes from the field of history and biology. Then we have put together the best and funniest general knowledge quizzes for you.

Furthermore, it may be a general knowledge test with stupid quizzes, with which you can question the birthday child at his or her party? An idea would be a small compulsory task for every incorrectly answered question. So let’s see, how many answers correctly you got.

Funny guess questions: Top 6

01. How many Christmas trees are sold in Germany each year? A: It is About 30 million.

02. How many liters of beer are drunk per capita in Germany each year? A: 100 liters of beer.

03. How long is the mating apparatus of the 15 cm long banana snail? A: Approx. 80 cm, which corresponds to 550% of body size.

04. How many characters are there in the Hawaiian alphabet? A: 12 characters

05. How many faces does a golf ball have? A: 336

06. Throughout a 60-year life, how long does a man have an erection while sleeping? A: 5 years

(Sources:, ) You can find even more fun facts in current “Useless Knowledge.”

Funny quizzes on general knowledge (joke questions)

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7. How long is the 30-year war? A: 30 years

8. Some months have 30 days, some 31 days. How many have 28 days? A: All

9. A farmer has 16 sheep. Almost all die, except 9. How many sheep are left? A: 9

10. You have a filled matchbox, and you come into an empty, cold room with only a coal stove, a kerosene lamp and a fireplace. What do you light first? A: The match

11. You are a bus driver. Five guests get on at the 1st stop. At the 2nd stop, three people get on, and two get off. Four get on, and five get off at the 3rd stop. How old is the bus driver? – A: The age of the respondent.

12. What answers in all languages, speaks without a mouth and hears without ears? A: The echo.

13. What do you call increasing the alphabet soup? A: Wortsee.

14. Which birds never lay eggs? A: Male birds.

15. In which train can only one person fit, no matter how hard you try? A: In the suit!

16. How do you neuter a refrigerator? A: Door open, eggs out, the door closed!

17. What swims in a lake and starts with Z in german language? A:  Zwei Enten (Two ducks)

18. Who growls but will never bite? A: Our stomach.

19. What cannot be bought or borrowed, but is each of us wasted every day? A: Our time.

20. They come night after night and disappear every morning, all by themselves. Who are they?  A: the stars.

21. Everyone wants to be, but nobody wants to be?  A: Old.

22. Who has cones on the head?  A: the chickens.

23. Which stroke does not bleed?  A: With sunstroke.

24. What is never touched by the sun even in the open air? A: The shadow.

25. How can you neuter a refrigerator? A: Open the Door, eggs out, the door closed.

26. Politicians and murderers, what do they have in common? A: Afterwards, they can’t remember anything.

27. Why do mothers-in-law never go to heaven? A: Dragons cannot fly higher than a hundred meters.


Several stupid questions and answers:

28. What is green and runs through the forest? A: A pack of cucumbers.

29. What is see-through and run after? A: The cucumber jar.

30. What’s wrong with that? – A: Cucumbers are not packed animals.


Easy and difficult quizzes on general knowledge

31. Who was the American President during World War II? A: Roosevelt

32. Chemistry: What is “C6H12O6”? A: Glucose

33. Name the four bases of DNA. A: adenine(A), thymine(T), cytosine(C), guanine(G)

34. Which planet in our solar system is closest to the sun? A: Mercury

35. What is the only region in France where right-hand traffic applies to trains? A: Alsace-Lorraine

36. Which country is the second-largest in the world in terms of area? A: Canada

37. What is the only German state in which there is no independent city? A: Saarland

38. What color is the blood of pearl boats? A: Blue

39. How many herbs Jägermeister have made? A: 56


Funny and exciting quiz questions for a relaxing

40. What is the commonality between a busty woman and a big-bellied man? A: Neither gets their feet wet when showering.

41. What overwhelms even the strongest man? A: The sleep.

42. What does a man mean by a 7-course menu? A: A burger and a six-pack.

43. What do mothers-in-law and dark clouds have in common? A: If they move away, it will be a beautiful day.

44. Which animal is rich? A: The piggy bank.

45. Tell me, do you already know the new elevator joke? No? A: Neither do I, always take the stairs.

46. Why are there ever higher tables in primary school now? A: Because Viagra is already used on the school playground.

47. How can you help a person when they finally want to sleep deeper? A: You saw off the legs of the bed.

48. Is there a ring with four corners? A: Yes, the boxing ring.

49. I have no fire and still burn tremendously. What am I? A: the flame.

50. What happens when you cross a wild with a giraffe? A: Probably the biggest toothbrush in the world.

51. Why do birds fly south in winter? A: Well, it’s too far to go.

52. What do bitches have that no other animal has? A: The puppies.

53. How does everyone know whether the chocolate when they buy is male or female? A: On the nuts.

54. What fear does every balloon suffer? A:  At claustrophobia.

55. What is the name of the paste that gets stuck between your teeth? A: Toothpaste.

56. How do hedgehogs reproduce? A. Damn careful.

57. What is the similarity between a panty and a construction site? A: Both are a traffic obstacle.

58. Do you know who lives a stressful life? A: The eraser, of course.

59. How do you write the postman without the O?A: Postman.

60. Who is born grey-haired? A: The donkey.

61. How many cockroaches do I need to change a light bulb? A: You don’t know that, as soon as the lights come on, everyone is gone.

62. Why is the giraffe’s neck so damn long? A: Because the head is so high up.

63. What do you call a European who pays in euros? A: The Europayer, of course.

64. What is all vice beginning? A: The bumper, of course.

65. What makes 999 clicks and clicks once? A:  the millipede with a wooden prosthesis.

Joke questions with no answer

  • 66. Is there a tea break in a sugar factory?
  • 67. Can you laugh in a wine cellar?
  • 68. Is it allowed to use a bedspread at night?
  • 69. Can a chick be in a bad mood?
  • 70. Can bald heads have a winning streak?
  • 71. Is someone who bakes bread himself a loner?
  • 72. Can I send a circular in a square envelope
  • 73. Why is there an S in the word listen?

Do you have any more funny questions with answers to general knowledge for us and our readers? Then just put it in the comments—the more challenging or more entertaining, the better.
as well as you can get fun and additional knowledge more funny quizzes here also. Have fun and keep with us.

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