IT Quiz Questions and Answers [For Free 2020]

IT Quiz Questions and Answers [For Free 2020]
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Information Technology(IT) is doing the major role of our general life which using computers to easier our works. So let’s see easy quiz questions in IT.

01. What is the meaning of ICT?

  • Information and communications technology (ICT) 
    • ICT is the leading technology in the world, taking a new turn in all fields of medicine, engineering, education, and business, etc. To sum up, It is a technology used to facilitate our tasks using computers, networks, hardware, applications and so on. As a result, today we are unable to function in our day-to-day life without Information technology.

02. What is the biggest technology company?

  • Apple Inc,
    • Apple has got its crown again as the largest tech company in the world.

03. What is the newest technology in 2020?

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI).
    • Artificial Intelligence is the latest growing technology in the world.

04. Which is the No. 1 software company in the world?

  • Microsoft Corporation
    • Microsoft is the world’s No.1 leading software company located in the US. For example, they are the owners of MS Office and Windows, which we all know.

05. Who is the CEO of Google?

  • Sundar Pichai.
    • Sunder Pichai was appointed as Google’s next CEO on August 10, 2015, by former CEO Larry Page.

06. Is the Youtube part of Google?

  • Yes.
    • Google bought YouTube in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; YouTube now operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries.

07. Which country has the best technology today?

  • The United States of America.
    • Technology is the most powerful weapon in the modern world. Consequently, so many countries are trying to innovate the world by using this powerful weapon on a large scale. However, according to the new 2020 survey, USA has the best technology in the world. In conclusion, there is no doubt that the best technology is in the country, with the world’s leading technology companies, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, SAP, and youtube.

08. How much is YouTube worth today?

  • It would be worth some $75 billion dollars at least.
    • Many people in today’s society use a mobile phone at the end of the day to reduce stress. Video viewing is the main of them. So this revenue from YouTube, one of the largest video sharing platforms in the world, is reported in the 2019 survey.

09. Is Google an IT company?

  • Yes
    • Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that produces in Internet-related services and products, such as online advertising technologies, search engines, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

10. Who was the first YouTuber?

  • Jawed Karim
    • Jawed Karim is posted the first-ever video to youtube on 23 April 2005.

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