Quizzes Vs. Trivia Quiz and Questions [with Example]

Quizzes Vs. Trivia Quiz and Questions [with Example]
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Quizzes, trivia quiz and questions have lots of similarities in many times. There are very familiar and close to our day to day lives at all. Because whenever we do something, we are faced with these questions. However, lots of people addicted to answering this quiz and trivia quizzes by happily. Why is it? Let’s see.

What are quizzes?

Quizzes are a pointing form of the question that needs to be answered directly. It means, there are no essay answers, no big definitions. In my point of view, quiz questions are a type of game or mind training method as well.  quizzes have only short answers with two or three words. As well as most of the time it would involve WH questions like what, when, where, who, whom, which, whose. But sometimes not only WH questions but also filling blanks quiz, multiple-choice questions may be there. In conclusion, When you studying and answering these quiz questions, you can easily gain a lot of knowledge about the related subject.

Examples for Quizzes

1. Who is the current president of USA? Answer – Donald trump

2. What is the longest river in USA? Answer –  Mississippi River

3. Which is the only country that is a complete continent? Answer – Australia

What is the purpose of quizzes?

The purpose of quizzes is a short estimation used in education and similar fields to inspect the knowledge, talent, and intelligence. I think quiz question is the best method to test out brain quality. Because, there no need to keep big answers in our minds, the only single correct answer is sufficient. It is a fetter to write useless factors and only consent direct answer. When you face the quiz test, if you fail to give the correct answer to the question with a word or two, you lose the whole mark of the question. But if you know the answer to the question, you can score it easily.

What are the trivia questions?

Trivia questions are trivials that have small or insignificant things in different subjects that come in the form of questions. These are very attractive and funny things than normal subject questions. Therefore lots of people like to get fun by answering these trivia questions.

Trivia question examples

1. How to train your dragon, directed by? Answer – Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders

2. The father of the teacher’s son was not a teacher. How is that possible? Answer – The mother of his son is a doctor.

3. Which is the only vowel on a standard keyboard that is not on the top line of letters?  Answer – The Letter A.

What is the trivia quiz question?

Trivia quiz questions are a very simple quiz form of trivia, we can face in our day to day life and different subjects. They are cool, funny and very interesting. As well as we can get good information by this trivia quiz question to our general knowledge without reading big articles or books. In other words, it is an attractive way to challenge our friends with different trivia quiz questions like this.

trivia quiz question examples

1. How many birthdays does a person have? Answer – Only one, the day that person was born.

2. What are the most important three things we need to live? Answer – Air, Water, and Food

3. How many rings have in the Audi car logo? Answer – 4 rings.

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